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The life cycle of pharmaceuticals is characterized by the following phases:

  • Discovery of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)
  • Pre-clinical development
  • Clinical development
  • Approval
  • Marketing

Qualified WissInfo searches make all documents published during one of these phases accessible to you.

Our patent searches inform you about the extent of legal protection of proprietary active ingredients, excipients or galenic compositions. We ascertain for you in which countries proprietary rights exist, whether these rights are still active, and which patent terms have to be anticipated. Of course, we also inform you about granted supplementary protective certificates (SPCs).

Our searches cover

  • Synthesis and manufacturing processes
  • Galenics
  • Packagings
  • Indications

of active ingredients or medicaments. Of course, in addition to patent publications scientific publications can be considered.

Our scientific expertise and years of experience makes it possible to evaluate the research results in terms of their relevance. Our search reports bring the search result to the point and give you a basis for decision making.